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Thread: Foods you are repulsed by

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    Fuck meat....but when I was a little tike, my Grandma made this "tropical ham" and it was fucking vile! Saturated with pineapple, honey and an endless amount of cloves. So now I loath cloves.
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    Indeed, meat is shit. I dunno if you get this, but sometimes I'm in a supermarket or something and there's the meat counter and I just see bits of leg and organs and stuff, and I think am I crazy or is the world, cos nobody else seems to be staring in disbelief, but anyway, also cheese. Always made me heave ever since I can remember, dunno why.

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    sat out front as kids played & sun was low in sky, reading a book & wafting thru the ether was the smell of roasting carcasses on B-B-Q's.......yuk

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    Healthier foods has own importance in our life.So we should be eating
    healthier and energetic foods for weight loss and fitness.Different people
    like different foods but i like these foods....
    1 Vegetarian foods
    2 Fresh fruits
    3 Pasta
    4 Noddles
    5 Dairy foods...

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    Kidneys: Never been around people eating them, but I hear that when you cook them they smell like old, hot and rotting urine.



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