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Thread: Transgender woman assaulted- indictments returned

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    Transgender woman assaulted- indictments returned

    A shocking attack happened on a young transgender woman in a Mcdonalds in a suberb of Baltimore recently, shocking video footage was filmed of the attack taking place...the 2 people responsible for that vicious assault have been charged. A small victory for the transgender community against such ignorant prejudice.

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    It's terrible that this sorta thing still goes on in modern society, People need to stop treating people like shit for being different. Hopefully they will get a lengthy prison sentence which they clearly deserve.
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    Watching movie 'the Danish girl' reminded me of being a young chap with a cool girlfriend whom helped me experience being a girl for a while back in the day.
    Had a great time and I was mega discreet and I was quite androgynous looking at the time. My friend who was so obvs male wore a skirt for ages - he was / is hardcore got beat up by small minded bigots.
    I've gotten myself a utility kilt yet everyone tells me its a skirt...its a fucken kilt!


    Just weird is all. Got no wish at the no to be a woman or wearing women's clothing. Just wondering if anyone else has explored the fringes of sexuality?



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