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Thread: ABC Diabolo

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    Quote Originally Posted by imfrusty View Post
    i'm glad to read things by zeno and zombie's been a while! good to see your faces!
    Ditto! Even though I spent years reviewing music, I can never come close to articulating the music like these 2!
    If anyone comes across a copy of Bajo Tierra's "Sala X" 7" from Medellin, Colombia. I really want it!

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    my fisher stereo receiver goes out every here and there and wont' start right away..of course I dug out lios and had to wait til today to spin f'n good!
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    Had a chance to revisit Give Rise to Doubts. I think it might, sort of, possibly be reachable for it to be connective tissue between Norwegian HC and Tragedy/the Eurocrust explosion, but it would certainly be a reach. It wasn't nearly as progressive as I remembered it being, while also more similar to Last Intoxication. I thought there were huge leaps with each album, but it's more like a huge leap and a half. Not complaining. Just setting my memory straight.
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