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Thread: Détruire l'Ennui

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    The last two shows are da blog!

    13the, January, 2013:

    1. FUK "Smash up the kitchen" (Angleterre)
    2. Kawakami Nightmare "Death is waiting for you" (Ukraine)

    3. Chatterbox "Forgotten heroes" (Suède)
    4. Lunatic Fringe "Who's in control" (Angleterre)
    5. Sect "Money" (Espagne)
    6. Confusion "Morality" (Colombie)

    7. Adelitas "Arizona illegal" (U$A)
    8. Conflict "I've had enough" (Angleterre)
    9. Born Against "Born against" (U$A)
    10. Thatcher on Acid "The new thing" (Angleterre)

    11. Putrefaction "Mouth of the furnace" (Irlande)
    12. Blood Sucking Freaks "" (Angleterre)
    13. Tuco Ramirez "" (Hollande)
    14. Deportation "Deportation" (Hollande)

    15. Atentado "Alarmas" (Espagne)
    16. Parabellum "Momo" (France)
    17. Burning Kitchen "Impact" (Suède)
    18. Feed Your Head "Your kingdom is calling" (Angleterre)

    19. The Uprising "What chance rebellion" (Angleterre)
    20. The Execute "Your eyes" (Japon)
    21. Blood Feast "Think about it by yourself" (Japon)
    22. Nox Mortis "Your life" (Angleterre)

    30th, December, 2012 "End of the world" special!

    1. Nausea "Extinction"
    2. Flux of Pink Indians "The fun is over"
    3. Discharge "Doomsday"
    4. Special Duties "CND"
    5. Onslaught ""

    6. Doom "Black monday"
    7. Amebix "Drink and be merry"
    8. 20 Minutes de Chaos "Un monde parfait"
    9. Final Conflict "Apocalypse now"

    10. Zyklome A "Abort all war"
    11. AOA "Aftermath"
    12. Vex "Sanctuary"
    13. Axegrinder "Final war"

    14. Subhumans "Dying world"
    15. Filth of Mankind "Final chapter"
    16. Tervet Kadet "Searching for the end of the world"
    17. Misery feat Ste de Extinction of Mankind "Four horsemen of the apocalypse"

    18. Varukers "No escape"
    19. Antischism "End of time"

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    Two new shows on the blog:

    February, 10th: America Latina special.

    1. Axion Protesta "Educados para esclavos" (Argentine)
    2. Solucion Mortal "Imperialista" (Mexique)
    3. Indigestös "Punx insubmissas" (Brésil)
    4. A//Narcolepsia "Yo no quiero reconcitio" (Venezuela)

    5. Psicosis Social "Llatayman kutipusaj" (Bolivie)
    6. Apatia-No "Politica electoral" (Venezuela)
    7. Agente Laranja "?" (Brésil)
    8. CxH "?" (Colombie)

    9. Ingobernables "Bienvenidos al desarollo" (Colombie)
    10. Adictxs al Orgasmo "Lucha por la libertad" (Argentine)
    11. Fallas Del Sistema "Musica para la resistencia" (Mexique)
    12. Sistemas de Aniquilacion "Pseudo infierno" (Pérou)

    13. Juventud Podrida "Los demones del Norte" (Panama)
    14. Migra Violenta "?" (Argentine)
    15. Tom Crust "Escuadrones de la muerte" (Chili)
    16. Rash "Dolor de ser" (Mexique)

    17. Drömdead "En este pais" (Venezuela)
    18. Los Dolares "La condena" (Venezuela)
    19. Ruido de Odio "La naturaleza" (Equateur)
    20. DHK "Lima de mierda" (Pérou)

    21. Actitud Subversiva "Los de siempre" (Porto Rico)
    22. Infesto "Educastracion" (Colombie)
    23. 200 Muertos "Cerdo genocidio" (Paraguay)
    24. Autodefensa "Pojos del sistema" (Bolivie)

    25. Fuerza X "Guatemala pais de la eterna corrupcion" (Guatemala)
    26. Lxs Mugres "La policia no sirve para nada" (Mexique)

    27. Dios Hastio "Escarnio" (Pérou)
    28. Brotes de Libertad "Enseñadxs" (Uruguay)

    29. Neurose Urbana "Torturas de 64" (Brésil)
    30. Anfo "Human sacrifice" (Pérou)
    31. Horror Humano "Internacional situacionista" (Argentine)

    February, 24th: "fuck the food the industry" special.

    1. Nikmat Olalim "Milk children" (Israël)
    2. Riot/Clone "What do you have to eat me?" (Angleterre)
    3. Contravene "In the name of convenience" (U$A)
    4. Icons of Filth "Success on a plate" (Pays de Galles)

    5. Dirge "Bootiful" (Angleterre)
    6. Destroy! "We're strong because we eat our spinach" (U$A)
    7. Conflict "Meat means murder" (Angleterre)
    8. Anti-System "Wot not meat" (Angleterre)

    9. Sanctus Iuda "McMurder" (Pologne)
    10. Satanic Malfunctions "Appealing carcasses" (Angleterre)
    11. Citizen Fish "Flesh and blood" (Angleterre)
    12. Crimenes de Guerra "Mcnocidio" (Mexique)

    13. Bornsick "McDonald eat shit" (Italie)
    14. Asfixia "Una opcion, un deber" (Espagne)
    15. Ripcord "Ignorant" (Angleterre)
    16. Subcaos "Guerra ao McDonald's" (Portugal)

    17. Powerage "Eat wheat not meat" (Afrique du Sud)
    18. Active Slaughter "V" (Angleterre)
    19. Flux of Pink Indians "Sick butchers" (Angleterre)
    20. Atrocity "Animal fate" (U$A)

    21. Haywire "Meat is shit" + "Deathcycle" (Angleterre)

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    Last week's show was meant to be an "anti-Thatcher" special (which it partly is) but turned into a "punk songs about famous people" special. A bit of an odd topic, I agree...

    1. Chaos UK "Maggie"
    2. Burnt Cross "To hell with Thatcher"
    3. Septic Psychos "The Thatcher"
    4. Inner Terrestrials "Barry Horne"

    5. Chumbawamba "The police has been wonderful"
    6. Active Slaughter "Labour lied, Barry died"
    7. Alternative "Thatcher fuck off"
    8. Wat Tyler "James Whale"

    9. Stalag 17 "Party talk"
    10. Poison Girls "Another hero"
    11. Toxic Waste "Listen Margaret"
    12. Kontraataque "Gobernador nazi"

    13. Toxik Ephex "Maggie"
    14. Conflict "Carlo Giuliani"
    15. Hard Skin "Still fighting Thatcher"
    16. La Société Elle a Mauvaise Haleine "Sarkozy"

    17. Ripcord "Thatchula"
    18. The Stains "John Wayne was a nazi"



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