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SOCIEDAD DE MIERDA- s/t-7" (28 page booklet + pin + sticker)

In the city of Lima of the 80, in those days that had the smell of gunpowder and death, punk made his appearance incarnate in a particular version: Underground Rock. Of the well-known first bands, everything was said, almost to the point of weariness. However, this ' move ' had a number of other people who had their own personality and was faced with internal manipulation and the so-called ' UNITY '. One of those bands was "shit society" (s of m, for friends), proud of their status, to be anti-musical and to give more weight to their complaints; because if something characterized the's ' , it was that direct position and 'Granputeante' that did not leave bodies with a head. Obviously, this did not like many, and they were blamed for non-existent faults, which, until today, many repeat out of ignorance. In Value to that commitment, to that personality and to that indifference to fall right, it is that "rock svb records" throws an EP with 'the best' of the band, a scarce repertoire, but with a high degree of unbridled anger. On the one hand, enter and other from the dissident radio program - broadcast in Spain in 1986-and 3 topics recorded in a precarious form in some study of that chaotic lima which was, and which remains. For the b-side, a live recording, in the local remembered "Magic"; a whole show of what the band's presentations were and what it did when he climbed on stage. So you're warned, there's a more explosive launch than those car bombs that accompanied the running of these 4 simple neighborhood boys who were called "shitty society".

In the city of Lima in the 80's, in those days where the smell of gunpowder and death prevailed, punk made its appearance embodied in a version of its own: (the) Underground Rock Movement. Everything was already said regarding the usual known first bands, and repeated ad nauseam. However, this 'movement' had many others bands with their own personality and whom faced internal manipulation and the alleged 'unity'. One of those bands was "Sociedad de Mierda" (or SdeM, as their friends called them), proud of their hood origin, of being anti musicals and for giving greater weight to their vindications; because if something characterized 'SdeM', was its direct and 'strong' position that did not spared anyone. Obviously, their attitude was frowned upon by many and they were accused of nonexistent faults that until today many repeat for ignorance. To honor their commitment, personality and total unconcern to please, "Rock Svb Discos" releases an EP with the best “hits” of the band, a scarce repertoire, but with a high degree of uncontrolled fury. On side A, Intro y Outro recordings extracted from the Spanish radio program “Disidentres”, -broadcasted during 1986- and 3 songs recorded in a precarious fashion in a study of an always chaotic Lima, as it remains today. On side B, a live recording, in the legendary theatre "Magia"; a whole sample of what the band's performances were like and what they caused after climbing a stage. So you are warned: SOON there will be a launch way more explosive than those car bombs that accompanied the raids of these 4 simple block boys who dared to call themselves "Society of Shit."

side A:

Enter - extracted from the radio program (Spain ' 86)
What country is this?
Pvdrete Pitvco!!!
Ovtro - extracted from radio program (Spain ' 86)

side B:

Live recording at the magic center (Magdalena, Lima-Peru) January 31,1986