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    Available Now from Soap and Spikes Distro.

    Absolut–Demo 2013-7"

    ABSOLUT may have ceased to exist last year, but the best thing about great bands is they never go away and ABSOLUT rear their ugly head again with the remaster of their ‘Demo 2013’ making it to vinyl finally.


    1-Insane Power
    2-No Single Tear
    3-Dirty Grave
    4-Martyr Fuckoff.
    5-No Card
    6-Theives In Law

    300 pressed.

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    Available Now from Soap and Spikes Distro.

    NEBENWIRKUNG-Viel Zeit Bleibt Uns Nicht Mehr EP.

    NEBENWIRKUNG is one of the earliest Punk, Hardcore bands coming from (Northern) Germany, the city of Bremen to be exact and they love to play their music in the raw and fast way. Saddly not as well-known as their big brothers from INFERNO or VORKRIEGSPHASE, but as well an essential part of the Eighties Punk scene in Germany (and the rest of the world). After their debut EP "Fick Den Papst" (1984), some might know it under the name "Gewalt" (the title "Fick Den Papst", means "Fuck The Pope", was way too offensive at that time) and their split LP with DIS-ORGANIZED BUNCH OF FUCKERS (also from Germany, released on PÖBEL RECORDS, Germany in 1985). NEBENWIRKUNG released their second EP "Viel Zeit Bleibt Uns Nicht In The Year" 1987. The sound on this EP is way more metallic and a little bit more "complex" than their early material, no of course itīs not like the band became a melodic, sell-out clone, "Viel Zeit Bleibt Uns Nicht Mehr" offers three aggressive Punk, Eighties Hardcore trax and two of them are in the faster way. This EP is one of the best Later Eighties Hardcore, Punk releases coming from Germany and really worth to be re-released again.

    "Viel Zeit Bleibt Uns Nicht Mehr" originally was released in the year 1987 and was done by the band itself, this here will become the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.

    This official re-issue will be limited to 399 copies on Black vinyl, it comes with fold-out cover containing the original artwork and extra fold-out lyric insert (of course all band / label info gets an update).

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    Available Now from Soap and Spikes Distro.

    Wretched‎–Libero E Selvaggio-Compilation-LP


    A1-Schiavo Del Sistema
    A3-Fino In Fondo
    A4-Se Ne Fregano
    A5-Il Loro Stato
    A6-Usa La Tua Rabbia
    A7-La Logica Del Potere
    A8-Spero Venga La Guerra
    A10-Muori Per la Patria Muori Per Niente
    A11-Solo Guerra
    A12-Nessun Diritto
    A13-Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire
    A14-Non Posso Sopportare
    B1-Mai Arrendersi
    B2-Questa E' La Mia Vita
    B3-Finirā Mai
    B4-Senza Fine
    B5-Nelle Loro Mani
    B6-In Controluce
    B7-Libero E Selvaggio

    Tracks A1 to A6 taken from the "Wretched / Indigesti" split EP

    Tracks A7 to A14 are the "In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto" EP

    Tracks B1 to B5 are the "Finira Mai" EP

    Tracks B6 and B7 are the "In ControLuce" single.

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    Available Now from Soap and Spikes Distro.

    Modern Warfare-Complete Recordings And More-LP.

    Modern Warfare were one of the unsung heroes of the early '80s So-Cal punk scene. Coming from Long Beach, playing fast n' furious punk from 1980-1983. This isn't by-the-numbers generic hardcore, it's well executed, manic speed punk with some of the best frantic guitar leads and vocals of the era. Side one collects both of their rare 7" EPs, along with their songs from classic compilation albums Hell Comes To Your House, American Youth Report and Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record. This is the first time their complete vinyl output has been collected in one place. Side two compiles three melodic punk tracks from 1979 by pre-Modern Warfare band The Moderns. The side finishes with three later home demos from band-leader and Bemisbrain Records founder Jimmy Bemis. One peppy punk number, right in line with the Moderns and two rootsy songs that remind us of '80s L.A. wasteland rock that you might hear in an Alex Cox film.

    We went over budget on this one to make sure we could put together the ultimate discography once and for all. All audio has been newly remastered by original, legendary producer Geza X. The LP comes with a foldout 12" x 36" double-sided poster insert with lyrics, illustrated discography, previously unpublished photos and a killer collection of gig posters. Free download code also included.

    Track list:


    Modern Warfare

    1-In the Shadows
    4-No Passion
    5-Suburban Death Row
    6-Nothing’s Left For Me
    7-One For All
    8-Moral Majority
    10-Out Of My Head
    11-Street Fighting Man
    12-Asphalt Dynasty


    The Moderns

    1-When She Gets Back
    2-Escape Velocity

    Jimmy Bemis

    1-Speed Queen
    3-This Is How It Ends

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    I just released an LP not too long ago. How can I go about getting you to carry it in your distro??

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    Available Now from Soap and Spikes Distro.

    Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers-The Furious Era 1979-1987-DLP.

    That's where set its pace one of those cult HC-bands destined to leave an unhealed scar in the still-yet-to-come international musical landscape: furious lyrics full-throated by an out of control voice, a fast as lighting abrasive guitar with no place for any melodies but still abruptly original, along with a drumming ready to massacre ears... CCM (a.k.a. Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers)

    Their existence, corresponding with the most prolific HC momentum, ends up in 1987 and their two EPs, the split tape, the LP and the few other scattered songs are by far sufficient to single them out as a standing point and a reference for anyone interested in untamed music.
    This release finally fills a gap: their sold out records had never been reprinted so far, thus reaching crazy prices among collectors, while even lame bootleg copies had started to jump out of nowhere.

    Since the early start we worked with the two original sound engineers (from West Link Recorders) who had toured and shared all with the band, this “refreshing” of master tapes giving a new incredible shine to the original sound. We decided as well to include in the package pics, gig flyers and even extracts from lyrics.

    DLP Tracklist

    LP 1

    Side - A
    1- 400 Fascists 2- Tellyson 3- Alkool
    (taken from 1st 7" - "Four Hundred Fascists")

    4- Easy Targets 5- Furious Party 6- Frustration I 7- Frustration II
    (taken from 2nd 7"EP - "Furious Party")

    8- Voice of the Blood/ Barbed Wire World 9- (Right to Be) Italian
    (taken from "Permanet Scar" split with IRI - Side A)

    Side - B
    1- Nation on Fire 2- Envy (I'm a Mess) 3- Foe or Friend 4- Life of Punishment 5- (We're the) Juvenile Deliquency 6- Work (means Death) 7- 400 Fascists (in Town Tonite)* 8- Best Party Ever/No Bore 9- Alkool 10- (Ev'ry day's a) Reagan Day 11- Bendix Power/Secret Hate 12- Addiction 13- Camp Darby Blues 14- Any Sacrifice 15- Need A Crime / Ultracore
    (taken from "Permanet Scar" split con IRI - Side A)

    LP 2

    Side - A
    1- Feel Like 2- Enemy 3- Sterilized 4- Sorry / R.M.
    (taken from "Into the Void" LP - Side A)

    Side - B
    1- Daymare 2- Romeo Loves Juliet 3- Strange Pain 4- Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry 5- Into The Void
    (taken from "Into the Void" LP - Side B)

    Vinyl Edition: 2LP, 140g black vinyl, gatefold cover with double inner sleeve containing pictures, lyrics and a "Discography" insert, along with English/Italian biography.…...-1979-1…

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    Available Now from Soap and Spikes Distro.

    NEGAZIONE-"1983: Pre-Early Days"-LP.

    1983.. the very early years of one of Italy's most popular Hardcore acts of all the times. This high quality collection features 22 songs taken from extremely rare tapes (some nearly impossible to find) and shows the band at its earliest stage delivering rapid fast and aggressive bursts of pure HC! All the stuff here was made before their first EP "Tutti pazzi" and many tracks have never been re-recorded later (songs like "Notte", "Cittā prigione", "Ombre di dubbio", "Illusioni fabbricate" are totally unknown even to the most die-hard Negazione collectors). Side A was all taken from a compilation tape released in 1983 and a soundboard live recording, side B features their complete "Concerto per l'autogestione" live in Brescia, Italy. Most of the songs here were still with Orlando Furioso on drums (also in 5# Braccio, Declino, Kollettivo etc). Comes with a 4 page insert with lyrics and old flyers. Furious Italian Hardcore at its best!

    None of these recordings included is appearing on their studio discography boxset, all the stuff here is extremely RARE, unknown to the most!



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