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    New releases on DOOMTOWN and OUTSIDER!

    DT 021 Psihokratija - Album Mentalnih Fotografija CS

    After the Trobecove Krušne Peći LP and Quod Massacre CS, here's yet another Yugoslavian repress from the eighties in our catalogue, and hopefully, one of many to come.

    Psihokratija were a duo from Belgrade, Serbia, playing a gloomy hybrid of minimal-synth, darkwave and brooding new wave. After that, Gorjan Krstić recorded a second album with different people, that was never released and shortly after that, Psihokratija disbanded and faded into obscurity.

    The tape begins with "Who Is Alive, Who Is Dead?", which is the only track here sung in English, the rest is in Serbo-Croat and these unique sounding vocals and languages helped Psihokratija stand apart from many other artists in the same music batcave of that era.

    If you're into the darker side of eighties music, you should not skip this brilliant hidden gem. As far as references go, Psihokratija's atmospheric and haunting sound could appeal to fans of early Cure, new wave era Killing Joke or the classic Sisters of Mercy sound.

    Recorded in Belgrade in 1988 and originally self-released (also in 1988) only on tape, "Album Mentalnih Fotografija" (which roughly translates to 'Mental Pictures?) was the only published release from Psihokratija. Doomtown's version is the official reproduction of the 1988 tape remastered from the original master tapes and approved by the band and Gorjan Krstić. Limited to 125 copies!


    DT 022 Eke Buba - Rat Bite CS

    Our favourite speed freaks recorded ten songs for an upcoming tape on Doomtown Records. After a self-released 7", this is the first batch of new songs which took the band in a slightly new direction. EkeBuba evolved from a traditional garage rock band to filthy garage punk typhoid creatures on the verge of hardcore suicide.

    This tape perfectly captures the raw sonic energy the band is known for. If Jay Reatard would rise from the grave to start the Reatards again, EkeBuba would be the perfect band for the opening slot. Tune in, play this shit loud and annoy your neighbours!


    OT 005 Good Throb - Live On WFMU CS

    After a long, long wait, a new release is out and it's a document of Good Throb's hungover live session that was recorded at WFMU in New Jersey in 2014.

    If you've never heard the band but dig UK DIY 77-83 post punk, can't live without your Crass records and enjoy the misanthropic vibe of No Trend, this could be a good starting point for getting into Good Throb, because this eight-song set contains some of the golden hits from their records, a compilation track and a nicely executed Flux of Pink Indians cover. Pressed on 125 pro-dubbed white tapes.


    If you are into wholesale deal write an email at

    Next on DOOMTOWN:
    DT 023 Sonic Order 7"
    DT 024 Generacion Suicida - Sombras 12" (euro press)
    DT 025 Nuclear Spring - Discography CS
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    Pre-order for the european press of Generacion Suicida's third LP "Sombras" is up in the store
    . You can also stream and download the record from our bandcamp page!

    This one is a split release between Drunken Sailor Records, Symphony of Destruction, Doomtown Records and Sabotage Records.

    Also, this is a one time pressing! Each label has 45 copies of limited blue vinyl and 85 regular black copies and every copy includes a 10 page zine insert. Don't sleep on this!

    pre-order here:
    listen/dwnld here:

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    Generacion Suicida - Sombras LP's are finally here!

    The inserts will be here in the next few days and we'll ship the records next week as was planned. Pre-order is still up!

    pre-order here:
    listen/download here:

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    New arrivals and restocks for december!

    CRUCIFIX - Dehumanization 12"
    DEATH SIDE - The Will Never Die 2 x 12"
    G.I.S.M. - MAN 12"
    G.I.S.M. - SoniCRIME Therapy 2 x 12"
    HAWKWIND - X In Search Of Space 12"
    MYSTIC INANE - EP's OF M/I 12"
    SAMHAIN - Initium 12"
    SS DECONTROL - The Kids Will Have Their Say 12"
    U.B.R. - Se En Lep Dan Za Umret 12" (red vinyl)

    FRAMTID - Horrific Visions 7"
    GOOD THROB - Good Throb 7"

    Bigcartel store:

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    Generacion Suicida - Sombras 12" is out!

    Generacion Suicida are creators and innovators of a special underground punk scene in South Central Los Angeles, bringing together kids from the neighbourhood along with other LA punks from across the city to chaotic and DIY shows held in a garage in their back garden! For those not familiar, they play fast paced, melodic punk channeling the sounds of KBD style punk.

    Released in Europe to coincide with their UK tour in January,
    Sombras is their third LP. Jangly guitars, male/female vocals, the group is obviously influenced by the Vicious and Eskorbuto, but retain the sound they have been playing for years, and once again keep that classic sound fresh, exciting, and most importantly, relevant.

    Each copy includes a 10 page comic style zine insert.
    Take notice that we only have 45 copies of blue vinyl!


    If you are into wholesale deal please send an email at

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    3 new releases on our new sub-labels Cosmic Brood and Outsider Classics!!!

    CBR001 Neon Lies - S/T CS (Cosmic Brood)

    Neon Lies is a sick new solo project of Goran Lautar, the guitarist and the man responsible for the vocals, lyrics, recordings and hocus pocus behind the dystopian brooding garage rock group Modern Delusion.

    Started in 2015 as a lo-fi minimal synth bedroom project, Neon Lies has evolved into a full time project and one man live act. Neon Lies live performances are always intense and manic, backed by lo-fi synths, a drum machine and a vintage 4-track. No guitars whatsoever!

    If you like the weirdness of early Tuxedomoon, electronic industrial proto-punk sounds of Suicide or high intensity rawness of the infamous synthpunk pioneers, Screamers, Neon Lies will be your cup of tea.

    Recorded by the man himself, the Neon Lies debut tape brings nine songs that reek of anxiety, depression, isolation and post-industrial despair. The ideal soundtrack for drinking cheap wine while making out at the local cemetery.

    The limited edition tape comes in beautiful mirror sleeves and is limited to 150 copies total.

    Artwork by Tanja Modraković.


    CBR002 Ill Wind - S/T CS (Cosmic Brood)

    Ill Wind's debut tape release brings seven tracks full of melancholic bliss, dreamy melodies and punk rock infused with infinite sadness. This relatively new band comes from Zagreb, Croatia and its members have played in a bunch of bands during the past ten years; Vaseline Children, Junk Messiah, The Pathetics, Benchwarmers and more.

    So, this is proper moody punk and a great soundtrack for sad people. If you like like Leatherface, Mega City 4, HDQ or Husker Du, Ill Wind might be right up your alley!

    Pro-dubbed tapes, limited run of 200 copies co-released with Guilt Parade and Selftitled.


    OC 001 Missbrukarna - Krigets Gentlemen CS (Outsider Classics)

    I'm very honoured and absolutely thrilled to have Missbrukarna's "Krigets Gentlemen" tape as the first release on this sub-label, because it was one of my first connections to the wonderful world of Scandinavian hardcore/punk.

    Missbrukarna (The Abusers) started out in 1980, but some of the members were already involved in the first wave of punk bands in Sweden, such as The Kallare (The Basement). That particular year, the band did a split 7" with Panik and three years later they recorded the fast & raw hardcore punk masterpiece called "Krigets Gentlemen", which was, unfortunately, their last recording, because many members moved out of town after its release. The band officially broke up in 1988, but their influence just kept on growing. For example, in the late 80s, they had strongly influenced Swedish hardcore legends Totalitar, a band that in their very beginnings played some of Missbrukarna's never released hardcore songs and did a few covers.

    With the release of this little beast, you finally have the opportunity to enjoy these 17 songs by blasting 'em in their original format, unless you haven?t already spent a shitload of your hard-earned cash on the original release. Each tape comes with a 12-page A5 booklet featuring a great Stuart Schrader interview with Rolf, originally published in MRR 11 years ago.

    The tape is limited to 175 copies.


    We also did a small run of military green and grey Missbrukarna T-shirts (15 shirts left). If you are interested in getting one together with the tape, check out Big Cartel store!

    OF COURSE you can combine wholesale with Doomtown and Outsider tapes releases!


    DT 012 Divided Minds - Strangers 7"
    DT 016 Modern Delusion - Days Of Us 12" LAST COPIES!!!
    OT 005 Good Throb - Live On WFMU CS LAST COPIES!!!
    DT 020 Silent Era - S/T 7" STILL HOT!!!
    DT 021 Psihokratija - Album Mentalnih Fotografija CS STILL HOT!!!
    DT 022 Eke Buba - Rat Bite CS NEW!!!
    DT 023 Generacion Suicida - Sombras 12" NEW!!!


    DT 007 Black Gust - Psychedelic Maelstrom 7"
    DT 010 Catholic Guilt - Futile Attempts 7"
    DT 013 Modern Delusion / Chresus Jist split 7"
    DT 005 Warsong - Caravan 12" 2nd press
    DT 014 Generacion Suicida - Todo Termina 12"
    DT 018 Generacion Suicida - Los Primeros Anos CS
    DT 019 The Celetoids - Pupal Stage CS
    OT 004 Cal And The Calories - Greatest Assssss CS
    Black Gust - Psychedelic Maelstrom Outtakes CS


    BARCELONA - Pueder Sel Ellos 7"
    FRAMTID - Horrific Visions 7"
    FRENZY - Disconnected 7"
    G.A.U. - Total Mind Destruction 7"
    GAZM - Dirty Beach 7" (orange vinyl)
    GOOD THROB - Good Throb 7"
    NEGATIV - Automatic Thoughts 7"
    ROTTEN UK - Back To War 7"
    ROTTEN UK - Bloody Hell 7"
    SIEGA - S/T 7"
    SSYNDROME - History Histeria 7"
    ULTRA VIOLENT - Crime For Revenge 7"
    WARTHOG - S/T 7"

    CRIMEN - El Problema Eres Tu 12"
    DEATH SIDE - The Will Never Die 2 x 12"
    G.I.S.M. - MAN 12"
    G.I.S.M. - SoniCRIME Therapy 2 x 12"
    HAWKWIND - X In Search Of Space 12"
    RAMONES - Teenage Lobotomy 12"
    SAD BOYS - Demo 12"
    SS DECONTROL - The Kids Will Have Their Say 12"
    THE CONEHEADS - L.P.1. 12"
    THE SMITHS - Queen Is Dead 12"
    URANIUM CLUB - All Of Them Naturals 12"
    URANIUM CLUB - Human Exploration 12"
    U.B.R. - ?e En Lep Dan Za Umret 12" (red vinyl)



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