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Thread: Doomed Society Radio

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    Here's this week's episode!

    ASSRASH – kings of no future
    FLEAS & LICE – amerikkkan dream
    APOCALIPSTIX – last exit suicide
    THOUGHT CRIME – no more victims
    THE PIST – street punk
    BURNING KITCHEN – fucked up
    CALL THE POLICE – fuck the masses
    BROTHER INFERIOR – promise keepers
    DEAD SILENCE – rock the vote
    FRUSTRATION – generation gap
    IMPERIAL LEATHER – no return
    IN DEFENCE – the only good thing about pizza is the crust
    KRANG – losing the bigger picture
    WARTORN – empty-handed policies
    AFTER THE BOMBS – face of brutality
    EXTINCTION OF MANKIND – existence declines
    MISERY – filth of mankind
    GARMONBOZIA – hopes turned black
    IOWASKA – mother earth
    KARMA SUTRA – the package
    SUBMISSION HOLD – hawks, doves, time
    SOFAHEAD – invitation to dinner
    INTERNAL AUTONOMY – what’s it coming to?
    DEAD KENNEDYS – kinky sex (makes the world go ’round)
    CRASS – so what
    CHUMBAWAMBA – come on baby, let’s do the revolution
    KULTURKAMPF – violent pride
    OMEGA TRIBE – is this a future?
    ANDY T – man’s life
    LOST CHERREES – why does it have to be a dream?
    ACCION MUTANTE – no religion (DOOM)
    CODE 13 – into the whirlwind
    HELLBOUND – nightmare
    RAT STORM – out of sight, out of mind
    BASTARD – defective chain
    DYSTOPIA – ruptured silence
    GRIEF – isolation
    DAMAD – manmade
    AUTONOMIA – salud y anarquia
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    Sweet selection! I think I played most of these songs at some point on my radio show.

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    i finally got a USB turntable, so this week's episode will FINALLY feature pieces of my proper record collection! frankly, i'm pretty excited.

    hey beckham, cheers for the kind words!

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    Only a week late!
    You can download my newest (now TWO hours long!!) episode here:

    DRESDEN - extinguish the cross
    FINAL CONFLICT - prophecy
    HELLBASTARD - heading for internal darkness
    DYING SEA - lachrymose
    WITCH HUNT - sick game
    INEPSY - street city kids
    WAR//PLAGUE - siege
    ISKRA - thieves of life
    MISERY - pain
    NO EULOGY - freedom & responsibility
    AFTER THE BOMBS - condemned
    LEGION - tomorrow's prayer
    SMUT - wall of hate
    ARCTIC FLOWERS - cri de coeur
    GEISTER - transfixed
    CROSS STITCHED EYES - broken mind
    SUBHUMANS - internal riot
    LOST CHERREES - sexism's sick
    ICONS OF FILTH - vivisector
    DIRT - seal cull
    CONFLICT - whichever way you want it
    STATEMENT - meat means murder (CONFLICT)
    FLUX OF PINK INDIANS - blinded by science
    EXIT STANCE - slaughterhouse
    KONTRASEKT - break the chain
    KONTRASEKT - we fight
    RAPE REVENGE - reject your blood
    RAPE REVENGE - long walk home
    RAPE REVENGE - stunted
    THOUGHT CRIME - celebrate the genocide (DISTRAUGHT)
    ASSRASH - helicopter skyline
    DEPRIVED - system's winning
    FLEAS & LICE - suicide
    MENSTRUAL TRAMPS - punx at the pubs
    PIST - destroy society
    CHRISTDRIVER - you destroy
    CHRISTDRIVER - sight
    PISSHEAD BLUES BAND - cold war generation

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    First of the year, celebrating some of the records that made my life last year!

    KICKER – kick off
    KICKER – walking headache
    KICKER – i think you’re shit
    KICKER – innit
    KICKER – lager and chips
    HELLBASTARD – wolf song/arcadia
    DRESDEN – endless discontent
    DRESDEN – collateral damage
    DRESDEN – closed casket funeral
    PLAGUE DOGS – into the fire
    PLAGUE DOGS – failure to thrive
    PLAGUE DOGS – bastard land
    PLAGUE DOGS – ugly as fuck
    PLAGUE DOGS – lights out
    WAR//PLAGUE – corpse in my mouth
    WAR//PLAGUE – crusher
    WAR//PLAGUE – pack of 1000 wolves
    WAR//PLAGUE – earth & decay
    WAR//PLAGUE – the holy blood
    RAPE REVENGE – root of apathy
    RAPE REVENGE – lawful of shit
    RAPE REVENGE – all grown up
    RAPE REVENGE – illusion of property
    RAPE REVENGE – denounce them
    RAPE REVENGE – donor’s list
    RAPE REVENGE – herbivore
    DEVIATED INSTINCT – blunt instrument
    DEVIATED INSTINCT – architect of misery
    DEVIATED INSTINCT – thorn in your flesh
    DEVIATED INSTINCT – blandscape slavebait
    TRAGEDY – no cemetaries here
    TRAGEDY – close at hand
    TRAGEDY – the grim infinite
    TRAGEDY – darker days ahead
    ARCTIC FLOWERS – true words
    ARCTIC FLOWERS – procession
    ARCTIC FLOWERS – strange ports of call
    ARCTIC FLOWERS – the sleeping and the dead
    ARCTIC FLOWERS – the wrecking
    MISERY – progress (FLUX OF PINK INDIANS) [feat. al long]

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    To honor Thatcher, I dedicated the first hour to her...

    CRASS: how does it feel
    DEAD KENNEDYS: kinky sex makes the world go ’round
    ANDY T: i still hate thatcher
    HARD SKIN: still fighting thatcher
    EXPLOITED: maggie
    CHAOS UK: maggie
    TOXIC WASTE: listen margaret
    TOXIC EPHEX: maggie
    VARUKERS: thatcher’s fortress
    ANTI PASTI: no government
    KIDNAP: thatcher dracula
    SEPTIC PSYCHOS: the thatcher
    AD NAUSEUM: thatcher
    NOT SENSIBLES: i’m in love with margaret thatcher
    CHUMBAWAMBA: so long, so long
    CHUMBAWAMBA: pinochet
    CHUMBAWAMBA: the day the lady died
    CHUMBAWAMBA: ding dong
    CHUMBAWAMBA: waiting for margaret to go
    CHUMBAWAMBA: sleep
    UP IN SMOKE: desperate measures
    HANG THEM ALL: one head at a time
    SKABIIS: frontline
    COELACANTH: in the ashes
    AHNA: coroner
    CETASCEAN: bled in
    SPINEWRENCH: tapping the vein
    AMEBIX: visitation
    ARCTIC FLOWERS: true words
    DEKODER: anxiety
    13: plague
    IN DEFENCE: call more dudes part 2 – call more gay dudes
    NO PROBLEM: what have i become
    CONDENADA: promise of destruction
    FRUSTRATION: sleepwalker
    NIHILIST CUNT: unrealistic dreams
    CHUMBAWAMBA: the police have been wonderful
    CHUMBAWAMBA: always tell the voter what the voter wants to hear
    WAT TYLER: the foulmouth graverobber

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    Episode 70 dropped yesterday.

    DOG ON A ROPE: tubeway army
    CHINEAPPLE PUNX: monsanto
    86′d: void
    DISRESPECT: widowmaker
    CITIZEN FISH: next big thing
    ENDROPHOBIA: your silence is making me sick
    HELLBASTARD: death camp
    HELLKRUSHER: ethnic cleansing
    AUS-ROTTEN: the second rape
    PIST: dead in its tracks
    BEHIND ENEMY LINES: her body her decision
    BURNING KITCHEN: sickness
    CRIMINAL DAMAGE: locked on repeat
    KNUCKLEHEAD: right cross
    THE OPPRESSED: nazi skinhead
    MENSTRUAL TRAMPS: if i were you i’d kill myself
    SHEGLANK’D SHOULDERS: flatspot hell
    FEED THEM FUCKING GLASS: good luck get fucked
    DEADLY REIGN: employment of slaves
    COELACANTH: in the ashes
    LOST WORLD: theatre of fear
    PROVOKED: flying monkey
    KEGCHARGE: god where are you
    TRAUMA: human wreckage
    TRAGEDY: rabid panic
    WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: triumph of evil
    SEVERED HEAD OF STATE: blood of vengeance
    MURDERESS: drown out all
    MISERY: all of us (alternate version)
    GARMONBOZIA: sick of this
    ISKRA: traume
    EXTINCTION OF MANKIND: apathy and fear
    DRESDEN: blood red sky
    DETESTATION: gospel fucker
    SPINEWRENCH: soulscrape
    13: hollow
    BLYTH POWER: bricklayer’s arms
    BLYTH POWER: hurling time


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    Here's the newest one. Brand new track from THE MOB, plus a bit of info on the Mi'kmaq blockades in Eastern Canada.


    THE MOB: rise up!
    1981: not afraid to die
    RHYTHM OF CRUELTY: the past
    ARCTIC FLOWERS: the sleeping and the dead
    BELGRADO: dead generation
    THE MOB: prison
    HONEY BANE: girl on the run
    ZOUNDS: can’t cheat karma
    ANNIE ANXIETY: barbed wire halo
    FLUX OF PINK INDIANS: tube disasters
    THE SNIPERS: the parents of god
    CONFLICT: conflict
    NIGHTFALL: misery
    KEGCHARGE: medal of honor
    KRIEGSHOG: mutation
    BASTARD: wind of pain
    TRAUMA: fear us now
    WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: triumph of evil
    BEHIND ENEMY LINES: environmental eclipse
    BLACK KRONSTADT: paranoid delusions
    SKELPTARSIS: drill and kill
    AGAINST EMPIRE: 500 years
    ISKRA: a pig in every home
    MISERY: who’s the fool
    AFTER THE BOMBS: warmonger
    TRAGEDY: vengeance
    GARMONBOZIA: no free ride
    EXTINCTION OF MANKIND: the nightmare seconds
    LARD: peeling back the foreskin of liberty

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    Even though I seem to be the only one posting in this thread, here's my newest episode anyway!


    AHNA: shouts in my ear
    CETASCEAN: malignant corridor
    CHUPACABRA: clone martyr
    UNION OF URANUS: weight of tomorrow
    BORN DEAD ICONS: forever soaked in blood
    TRAGEDY: confessions of a suicide advocate
    PUSSY RIOT: punk prayer!
    BEYOND PINK: slave for my uterus
    HAPPY BASTARDS: buzzards
    HOMEWREKERS: fuck it
    WITCH HUNT: by a thread
    SMUT: burden
    ANTISECT: tortured and abused
    MISERY: 3rd from the sun (CHROME)
    ALEHAMMER: last orders
    HELLSHOCK: night terrors
    DEVIATED INSTINCT: dripfeeder
    AMEBIX: winter (2010)
    ARCTIC FLOWERS: magdalene
    INTERNAL AUTONOMY: celebration
    THATCHER ON ACID: clock watching
    BLYTH POWER: it probably won’t be easy
    SOFAHEAD: every day’s like sunday
    DAN: possession
    DOOM: yes, they still test on dogs
    BLOOD VESSELS TO WIRES: politics of existence
    PROVOKED: prepare for the cold
    WARCRY: no escape
    CONTORTURE: glorified misery
    HANG THEM ALL: one head at a time
    RESIST AND EXIST: the movement
    ANTI PRODUCT: it festers in their hearts
    HUMAN INVESTMENT: a life for a meal
    SUBMISSION HOLD: what copernicus heard

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    PUSSY RIOT: putin lights up the fires
    ADELIT@S: inocentes
    RESIST AND EXIST: assimilation
    POTENTIAL THREAT: this isn’t punk
    HUMAN INVESTMENT: capital punishment
    ANOTHER DESTRUCTIVE SYSTEM: get active/break the silence
    BEHIND ENEMY LINES: her body, her decision
    HARUM SCARUM: fear
    BREAD AND WATER: no compromise
    SIN DIOS: radical
    BROTHER INFERIOR: conquest of history
    DETESTATION: a is for…
    AUS-ROTTEN: getting to me
    AUS-ROTTEN: they ignore peaceful protest
    AUS-ROTTEN: vietnam is back
    AUS-ROTTEN: grave
    AUS-ROTTEN: the crucifix and the flag
    AUS-ROTTEN: the promise keepers
    AUS-ROTTEN: the second rape
    NU-KLE-ER BLAST SUNTAN: personal hell
    LIFE CHAIN: out of sight
    RAW WAR: patriot bastard
    WARCRY: countdown to hell
    KEGCHARGE: sound the charge
    TRUNCHEONS: blow it all to hell
    ISKRA: a pig in every home
    AGAINST EMPIRE: imperial domination
    WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: triumph of evil
    WOLFBRIGADE: from beyond
    SCHIFOSI: drowning in the aftermath
    AFTER THE BOMBS: condemned
    KICKER: walking headache
    BEYOND PINK: neanderthal dream
    CRIMINAL DAMAGE: no solution
    INEPSY: bombshell rock
    MOTHERFUCKERS: let’s talk about turkey
    MENSTRUAL TRAMPS: i gave my punk jacket (MARY MONDAY)
    LAB RAT: abandon all hope
    RAPE REVENGE: car ride with a vivisection intern
    LUNG CANCER: so-called science
    HIS HERO IS GONE: sound the alarm
    INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL: new world order
    SWALLOWING SHIT: if they hated me, they will hate you
    SUBMISSION HOLD: turpentine



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