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Thread: From the back of the room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hartig Net View Post
    I saw this jawn a while back. A couple things I liked:
    +included lots of people who do lots of things, NOT just band members. This is good because it's very important to remember that a scene isn't only made of bands, and also if you look at the proportions of people active in bands vs people active in other ways, a lot of women fall into the second category and it's important not to ignore that. Being in bands may be more visible but it is not everything.
    +Did not focus on riot girl. I am tired of almost every conversation about women in punk centering on riot girl/bikini kill. Nothing against that, but there are tons of women in other kinds of bands, always have been, and frankly I find their stories more interesting.
    being is bands in my opinion is the least important part of our "scene" excited to see this!

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    This screened in my town a couple of years (?) back, it's quite well done. I'll second the comments that it includes a variety of seldom heard voices and it skips over Riot Grrrl, which is fine as far as I'm concerned as there are other documentaries that cover that territory. Another 'punk women' doc that I really enjoyed was Rise Above: The Tribe 8 Story. I'm not the biggest fan of the band's music but they were pretty fearless.



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