If you're a fan of crust/grind/dbeat/anarcho and punk then check out Worst Case Scenario live every Friday 1-3pmET/1900-2100CET on www.brutalexistenceradio.com. It replays every Sunday on BER beginning at 7pmET. For set lists and links to older shows go to http://werstcasescenario.tumblr.com

If you prefer the epic/apocalyptic/blackened/neocrust then tune in to Epicus Apocalyptus which follows WCS. You can get the links and set lists to the older shows at the WCS tumblr link.

If you tune in to BER starting at 4pmET/2200CET there's a 6hr crust/punk block that starts with 2 episodes of Doomed Society Radio,at 6pmET it's the Brothers Grim Punkast and WCS & EA replays.