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Thread: Bristol, Uk

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    Bristol, Uk

    I'm going to Temples Festival in Bristol ( )
    Recommend record shops, bars, vegetarian restaurants, bars...whatever worth visiting.

    We're taking train from London to Bristol...i assume it's easy, any ideas how much it costs???


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    Be sure to go to the Kebele Co-op : 14 Robertson Rd, Easton. Check out the site to see what's going on and when :

    If you've got time, go to St Nicholas Market : Corn Street / High Street / St Nicholas St.

    Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill Park are quite nice, if you like boats go see the Brunel's SS GB at the Great Western Dockyard

    I also remember the Cafe Kino as being a nice place : 108 Stokes Croft.

    And as I'll go to Bristol in April, I wrote down some places I might want to check out, some of them vegetarian/vegan, here's the list :

    Roll for the Soul, 2 Quays St. (bike community veg restaurant)

    Pepe Nero, 22 Bond St. (pizzeria)

    The Boston Tea Party, 1 Princess Victoria St.

    King William Ale House, 20 King St

    And if you or anyone else knows interesting places over there, let us know please ! Specially record shops and any shops selling vegetarian shoes...
    Walk in beauty...



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