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Thread: Spending A Loud Night In! Radio & Distro (All Analog)

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    Spending A Loud Night In! Radio & Distro (All Analog)

    Spending A Loud Night In! is an all analog radio production that is focused on the DIY Punk and Hardcore Community. The show began its regular weekly broadcast in Fall of 2010 on 89.3 KUGS-FM Bellingham (Washington). Previously the show had been broadcast sporadically both on-air in Athens, Ga & St. Petersburg, Fl. Spending A Loud Night In!ís current form is an all analog bi-monthly (or spontaneously) published radio show that explores often specific themes or scenes across the punk community (time/location/style/labels/etc). The show has also expanded to be a small DIY Punk Distro, in hopes to spread DIY PUNK releases. A print production is also in the works, and is hoping to be published sometime in 2015.

    The equipment used to produce the show includes: 4-Track Cassette, Turntable, Dual Tape Deck, and Handheld Cassette recorder. The concept behind the analog production is to keep the show raw and authentic, reminiscent of a time when punk was largely spread via tape-trades and mix-tapes. As the way punks access culture changes the scene must adapt, but never giving up the ethic.

    Support Punk Culture. Stay Punk!!! (Radio) (Distro)

    To submit material for On-Air play/comment/syndication


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    This is nice, man! Keep it up and appreciate the efforts put into something like this. Cheers.
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    sounds cool

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