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Thread: No Tomorrow Festival 2015 w/ MDC! - Appleton, WI - 5/2

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    No Tomorrow Festival 2015 w/ MDC! - Appleton, WI - 5/2


    MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) - Austin, TX punk rock pioneers since 1981! / ONLY WI DATE!
    CHANNEL 3 (CH3) - California punk rock legends since 1980! / ONLY WI DATE!
    SOLSTICE - Miami, FL death/thrash metal legends since 1990! / x. Demolition Hammer / First WI appearance in 20+ years!
    HEMDALE - Cleveland, OH grindcore/death metal legends since 1993 / Relapse Records.
    WRATH - Chicago, IL thrash metal since 1981!
    DEATHWISH - Motorcharged d-beat on tour from Appleton, WI / Beer City Records.
    CLOUD RAT - Grand Rapids, MI politically charged grindcore / Only WI date?!
    TENEMENT - Appleton, WI's own melodic pop-punk masters / Cowabunga Records.
    REV. NORB & THE ONIONS - Green Bay, WI power-pop done by some of WI's finest!
    SICK/TIRED - Chicago, IL grindcore on A389 Records / x. Weekend Nachos/MK Ultra.
    DIE CHOKING - Philly, PA spastic grindcore powerhouse, on The Compound Records / x. Total Fucking Destruction.
    KONTRASEKT - Hands down the Midwest's best active crust punk outfit, from Minneapolis, MN / VEX Records.
    BURNING SONS - Milwaukee, WI punk rock/hardcore on Mystic Records!
    CONQUEROR WORM - Milwaukee, WI traditional doom metal featuring members of Choose Your Poison/Subjugation/Protestant.
    CAVEAT - Eau Claire, WI metal/doom / x. Flags Will Cover the Coffins.
    ACCUSER - Green Bay, WI melodic hardcore.
    RATSAK - Appleton, WI old-school hardcore punk.

    AT: VFW Post 2778 - 501 North Richmond Street, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911
    ALL-AGES! Full bar w/ ID.
    Doors at 3pm. Music at 4pm.
    TICKETS: $20 ADV (link below) / $22 DOS - Get your will-call ticket from...

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    Channel 3 added!

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