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Thread: ...this Grizzly Bear mom **sad thread content**

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    ...this Grizzly Bear mom **sad thread content**

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    so i didn't see a thread about this here yet, but last thursday a female grizzly was euthanized for killing a hiker. whether it did or not or why is not really the issue for me, because, as a top predator, this is kind of just what it does, and to punish it for this is the real crime.

    maybe hikers should have to sign a 'non-retaliation' waiver or something if they choose to trot their birkenstocks through the habitat of top predators. it's supposed to be their house; how do you fault a top predator for acting like a top predator in its own habitat, i.e. eating anything smaller than itself? and considering the individual a threat afterwards because of that b-movie bullshit about carnivores 'getting a taste for human blood' has also been discredited by all actual research. they're top predators - they already have a taste for human blood, and all blood for that matter. a kill like this was likely one of opportunity; this guy probably stumbled on a mother and her cub, maybe even got between them somehow, but whatever the case, they weren't doing anything wrong or outside their 'nature'. sucks.

    pretty much when it comes to the larger scary animals. the grizzly, the wolf, mountain lions, polar bears, etc. are all routinely put down in these situations with little or no public resistance because they have been so effectively vilified in popular culture, tradition and even religion, that the gut reaction tends to be fear and not empathy. while that may not be true for us, we are still in the minority, and even the growing admiration for such animals tends to be thrill or fear-based, like "look at that big thing kill that other big thing, kewll!" rather than any sort of genuine sympatico or care. all that combined with that 'taste for human blood' bullshit mythology that almost everyone still believes, and in this case acts on.

    as for the national park service or the department of fish and wildlife, i learned long ago when trying to help some wolves in idaho that had strayed off their allotted territory and ultimately received the same outcome, that these agencies are not staffed by animal rights advocates. they are just as often, if not more often peopled by hunters who view themselves as 'conservationists', or even just 9-5'ers that lack any visible ideology on the subject at all. even the laws on the books are only so good until someone looks the other way, and looking the other way for something like this, or knocking down eagle roosts by developers to avoid protected status laws like i used to see fairly often, is as commonplace as the euthanizing of grandparents with morphine in hospitals to clear bedspace. people who live in the few areas of wilderness-plenty often don't give a shit about scarcity everywhere else, hence the hunting & logging practices in sarah palin's alaska, the amazon, and the south pacific.

    admittedly, habitat destruction has a far greater effect than particular cases like this, but it is precisely the mentality that allows cases like this that leads to that. if people don't value a single life enough, they won't value the many lives in an entire ecosystem when someone wants to develop it or cut a highway through it, dump in it, etc.

    there may be a web of life, but there's also a web of death, and it's based on greed, stupidity, sadism, apathy, and indifference, the vanguard of this sixth great extinction.

    a decent article Doug Peacock wrote about this:

    "On Aug. 13, they killed the mother and the park issued this news release: “An important fact in the decision to euthanize the bear was that a significant portion of the body was consumed and cached with the intent to return for further feeding. Normal defensive attacks by female bears defending their young do not involve consumption of the victim’s body.”

    At best, this statement is both wrong and misleading. Grizzly mothers never kill people with chow on their charging minds or in order to get food. The “consumed and cached” event is a separate issue.

    This murky government policy represents the decision-making used this week to kill the Lake Village mother and condemn her cubs to zoos. It’s largely a judgment call from a closed-door, opaque policy that worries about lawsuits and covering their “public safety” ass. The public is not involved this insular governmental discussion."

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