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Thread: Minneapolis. 23/11/15

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    That's terrible!
    If anyone comes across a copy of Bajo Tierra's "Sala X" 7" from Medellin, Colombia. I really want it!

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    indeed - i hate all these bad things going off every bleeding where...
    make the fighting cease, advertise for peace!

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    It really feels like things are getting worse. With Obama, it was eye opening that we're able to cross barriers in regards to race, etc, but the hate on the other side just grows. The fear and paranoia is overwhelming.
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    as much as the fear and hate grows though as long as we keep the fight alive we can overcome it.. sucks to be int he middle of that shitstorm i'm sure....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leffer View Post
    It really feels like things are getting worse.
    I don't think it just feels that way, I think things are getting worse. Although white supremacy is still very much a reality in the U.S., it is undeniable that it's grip has weakened and some of its most overt manifestations have been undermined in the past several decades. Combine that with demographics shifts away from a majority white population, the erosion of a hetero-centric culture, and the continued third-worldization of our economy, with wealth increasingly concentrated in the hands of the elite and most of the rest of the population facing with stagnant or declining wages and a shift from decent-paying industrial, technical, or office work to low-wage service sector jobs, and you have increasing numbers of people that feel threatened and are looking for outlets for their rage. I think conditions have never been more ripe for the rise of far-right, nationalist politics since perhaps the McCarthy era; the kind of politics that would make Nixon and Reagan look like tepid liberals. Certainly far-right and nationalist parties have had an upsurge in Europe in the past few years and it seems pretty clear that the situation on the ground is only going to make that worse in many countries.

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    It is really odd. I never thought I would see same-sex marriages, abolishment of the rebel flag (at least a start) or a minority (of any type) as a president. I cannot count national health care as it feels to early. But with ALL of that being said it does feel worse as far as violence.

    Anyway. With that EVERYTHING on ALL SIDES has gotten more intense and, in may ways, dangerous. I think this is the struggle we will have to endure for "equality" and improved rights. We have to wait for the old regime to die off and they are not going out without a fight. Custards last stand if you will.

    Even little things like certain retail stores advertising how they WILL NOT be open on Thanksgiving is minor victory towards having a better life and not being consumed.

    I don't know where I am going but if we can keeps our heads high and together and not get caught up in the drama and try to think past it we are able to do it.



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