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Thread: Rotterdam / Istanbul / Japan

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    Rotterdam / Istanbul / Japan

    Hey all, so I'm flying out to Roadburn fest in April and wondering if anyone else is doing the same and maybe wants a travel buddy? I leave Houston, TX on April 13th and arrive in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on April 14th that evening. I'll be renting a car and driving to Tilburg for the fest. Then leaving on April 17th to go back to Rotterdam to fly to Japan.

    Here is the fun part. I am flying Turkish Airlines and have a really long layover in Istanbul, Turkey. Folks have told me there is plenty to do in the airport and I won't need to leave but a 13 hour layover in an airport seems a bit ridiculous and another 9 hour layover on the way back. Anyone from Turkey or anyone who's been there have any ideas on shit to do? If so, hit me up.
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    Nothing to add but to say what cool trip!
    If anyone comes across a copy of Bajo Tierra's "Sala X" 7" from Medellin, Colombia. I really want it!

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    eat a bunch of peyote buttons n Holland and Istanbul will be a sister in law was /is/has been living in turkey for a minute...i'll query her for you. she's pretty cool. not straighter than us hippies but more on the college life...teaches English there I think...and tries to avoid beheadings..



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