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Thread: Lotus fucker (usa) & backlash (fin) tour 2016

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    Lotus fucker (usa) & backlash (fin) tour 2016

    Thursday 25.08. TBA, Iceland (Lotus Fucker only!!!)
    Friday 26.08. Oslo, Norway TBC
    Saturday 27.08. CYKLOPEN, Stockholm, Sweden
    Sunday 28.08. Uppsala, Sweden TBC
    Monday 29.08. Umeň, Sweden TBC
    Tuesday 30.08. Luleň, Sweden TBC
    Wednesday 31.08. Oulu, Finland (confirmed)
    Thursday 01.09. Seinńjoki, Finland (NEED HELP!!!)
    Friday 02.09. Turku, Finland TBC
    Saturday 03.09. Tampere, Finland TBC
    Sunday 04.09. Helsinki, Finland TBC

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    Hummmm....may take a vacation for the first time in six years, see some family and go to the Uppsala show.



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