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Thread: HEALER- Female Fronted Brutal HC

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    HEALER- Female Fronted Brutal HC

    I just wanted to throw my band's link up here on the board. We are Healer from Buffalo, NY. We have an EP on Nerve Altar records and we have a split coming out with RatStab out of Providence, RI. FFO Dropdead, Infest, MITB, Crossed Out.
    Thanks for listening and I look forward to frequenting the board.

    Also, our friend made this music video of us at our local community bike shop. Why not, right?
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    Like what I heard on the video! Cool stuff! Will move over to the bandcamp tomorrow when I come back to work.

    Also welcome to the board!
    If anyone comes across a copy of Bajo Tierra's "Sala X" 7" from Medellin, Colombia. I really want it!

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    This is badass! Thanks for sharing Cheers
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