HEy Punks,
we have two new releases out - get in touch for your copy, for trades or wholesale rates! Some older releases are also still available, check the list below.

NEW: RIND029 – Hässig “Adie merci” LP
Finally! We were really looking forward to putting this out. These dodgy dudes have been long time friends of ours so it was obvious to help them out with this goodie here. Punk, D-Beat, a slight hint of crustpunk here and there – did we mention punk already? Because that’s what they are – loud, rowdy, snotty, and yes, even smelly. You might have caught them live already on one of their tours or countless gigs here and there.
You’ll get 10 songs, housed in a nice cover with an additional silkscreen on the front and the back, plus a hefty booklet with all the lyrics (in Swiss German) and translations in English. And stickers.

NEW: RIND028 – Nowaves “Immaculate Protection” LP
We were rather pissed off to find out that our Dresden favourites of Kairo split up. Of course we cheered up when we found out that some of them keep on making good music with a new band called Nowaves. And we stopped being grumpy for a minute and got even happy when they asked us to co-release their first LP. And here it is – mostly slow and moody, rather min-imalistic and some electronic schubidu here and there make this an interesting listen. The people have been (or still are) in bands like Kairo, Pisse and Eleanor Lance. If this doesn’t help: Think of early Abwärts and old Wave stuff and you get it. Perfect for long train rides with rainy weather outside or for drinking cheap wine at the waterfront. Me likes, and you will, too – promised.

Still available:

RIND027 - Ravage Fix s/t EP
“Fuuuuck, these cats are pissed. Four tracks of raw, feral hardcore delivered at varying tem-pos ranging from thrash to slow, caustic burn. The song structures are simple, but man, do they pack a punch”, said Razorcake to their first EP. I bet they write the same again. Five songs in five minutes and still it’s value for money as you get a maximum dose of pissed-off, fast, noisy and rowdy hardcorepunk just in the way it has to be.

RIND026 - Unhaim s’bränt EP
Ah yes, Unhaim, the kings of “How can we make producing a record as laborious as possible” – here’s the “avoid computers”-record. Recorded live on two inch-tape, mixing and mastering was also done analog, then cut directly from the tape. The artwork for the labels was done by hand and the covers were all silkscreened. Don’t they have anything better to do?, you might ask… I asked this too… but the result was well worth the work! Again a bit less crustcore and a bit more punkrock but still a hefty pack of noise. Four songs, punky crustcore or crusty hardcorepunk, whatever you might call it, sung in Swiss German.

RIND025 - Spitting Nails s/t LP
Debut LP from this young band that just recently crawled out of their vaults (located in Bre-men and Hamburg / Germany) to enchant the world with their very innovative and diverse brand of modern crusty-hardcore punk with elements of stoner-rock riffs and excursions into the black metal fields. If you like driving bulldozers, are making your own moonshine down in your basement or cheer up when there’s a blizzard announced then this is a record for you.

RIND023 – Sin Logica “Fuel of Death” LP
We say hello to RIND023! “Fuel of Death” is the second LP by Sin Logica from Lucerne / Switzerland. The band has been around since ages and has released two singles and one LP so far. Now, “Fuel of Death” - you can tap your foot to the beat while listening to it but you can also run around in your flat, scream along and play air guitar to it. And drink beer. 12 songs, stompin’ hardcore/punk that never goes full speed ahead. The dirty rocking stuff has defini-tively influenced these people and the Motörhead shirt on the backcover makes a lot of sense (and I bet if the shirt’s in the laundry there’s a Driller Killer one). Check the band out on their website www.sinlogica.ch, no songs from the new album so far but if you don’t know the band it gives you an idea.

RIND022 – Midnight Crisis s/t EP ¦¦¦ second press
Oh yes! The demo was cool, and this is great! The first vinyl output by Midnight Crisis from Leipzig / Germany, rowdy hardcore-punk with a huge 80s Finland-hardcore influence, always between midtempo and full speed ahead. Comes with a beautiful cover drawn by the Silver Mullet of Death (which fits perfect, I’d say).

RIND020 - Unhaim s/t LP ¦¦¦ second press
It finally happened after having been in the works for ages! After four songs on a seven inch some time ago Unhaim have only one guitar player left but also a new singer, and here we go for the first album of the band. Crustpunk as it has to be: Slightly (only slightly!) metallic, not too polished and a healthy dose of punkrock! No neo-crust here, but also not monotonic ENT-like noise. Lyrics are mostly in Swiss German, and there’s a sample here and there as well…the music’s on three sides of this records, go figure! And you even have the titles on the vinyl…

RIND018 - Ashkara …in absence LP ¦¦¦ second press
Re-pressed. The break is finally over and the band started to play live again, so the nice peo-ple we are we re-pressed their LP (the charming old blokes at Rinderherz will even include the poster and the booklet again). Eight songs, all of them a bit longer than the ones of Ravage Fix. Downtuned, “modern” crustcore with some slower moments, too, and a violin here and there.

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